Stump Bluff Militia History

Founding fathers

Ray Dunning, Larry Rector, Ron Robinson

In the Spring of 1983 on the banks of the Barren River in Warren Co. Kentucky, the Stump Bluff Militia came into existence. We took the name"Stump" from a man who was killed in the late 1700's by the Harp brothers on these very bluffs, which boarder the rivers edge.

Three of us with some hunting skills and a thirst for knowledge formed our small militia group. With the addition of a few more member we shot and camped on the bluff over looking the river for nearly 12 years before purchasing 38 acres in Metcaf Co., just outside of Edmonton, Ky. As time passed, our once small group grew to as many as 50 members. After hosting theNMLRA, Old Northwest Rendezvous, in Barren Co. Ky, our membership dropped dramatically, from what I suspect would be considered as burn out. From beginning to end we worked 2 years with site preparation and rendezvous politics. Although the Old Northwest was a huge success it did take its toll on the membership. Before the Old Northwest we hosted 2 rendezvous a year,not until just this year have we continued to host a spring rendezvous on our on property.

We now have about 20 active members which are the proud to owners of our own property and a log cabin which serves as a tavern and headquarters for our militia group. As a group we do one money making project a year to make improvements and maintain our property, without the help and support of these 20 members I guess we would still be on the bluff over looking the Barren River or heaven forbid, we wouldn't even be in existence today.